Causes Of The House Always Dusty

If you frequently clean your house because you see dust, you may want to check the functioning of your windows and doors. Besides wasting time, it also makes you uncomfortable. Carpets may be able to store a lot of dust, especially when exposed to water, and causing best water damage restoration company. Here are some reasons why your house is always dusty, no matter how you clean it.

1. Always open the windows of the house
Fresh air is not the only thing that will flow into your home when you open the windows, but also dust. Especially if you live in a busy area, close to a highway, or a road under repair.

2. Have many synthetic coatings
Synthetic materials tend to attract more dust than natural surfaces, such as wood and stone. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck up dust or do a steam cleaning.

3. The house has just been renovated
Construction dust is difficult to remove as it is constantly floating in the air. This dust will continue to settle for a long time. Make sure you save the carpet first before the renovation process begins.

4. Wall-to-wall carpet
The carpet holds dust well, making it look like it’s not even there. You will need a vacuum cleaner to remove it, vacuum it at least once a week. Use steam cleaned twice a year to kill mites and allergens. If you are the type of person who is prone to allergies, don’t use wall-to-wall rugs.

5. Dirty air conditioner filter
When working properly, window air conditioners will trap any particles in the air to keep them from getting inside. On the other hand, when the filter is full, the air quality in the room will get worse. Clean the filter on the air conditioner once a month if you use it regularly.

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